Steward and the law

February 16, 2012

Peter Coulson


How do I stand as a club steward if one of the committee members orders me to serve someone who is drunk? Is the law the same as it would be in a pub for me and my staff?


Under the new Licensing Act, requirements regarding such actions have been extended to clubs operating under a club premises certificate, and to all persons who are either selling or supplying alcohol, including club stewards and staff and even members who take on responsibility for the bar at certain times.

It is therefore appropriate to apply these rules to everyone within a social club because you and your staff could risk prosecution, and so could members of the committee who are responsible for upholding the licensing laws themselves.

An instruction from a committee member in the course of employment which effectively contravenes the law should not be complied with. If any disciplinary action was taken, you would be entitled to take the matter to a tribunal, if your job was at risk as a result.


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